Remove Scar Tissue from the Foot Using 5 Tips that Will Help

Scar tissue may affect both inside and outside of the foot. Most probably due to sports related injury. This damage of the scar tissue can inhibit the foot strength as well as movement. In this case, an orthopedic surgeon will have to make schedule for appointments with a physical therapist to assist you with the healing of your scar tissue to regain strength and flexibility. The physical therapist is the one responsible in planning and designing a rehabilitation program that targets the supporting muscles and tendons to help heal the scar tissue and to prevent further injury.Remove Scar Tissue from the Foot

Tip #1: Rest Foot

Your foot needs rest regularly so as to avoid overexertion in everyday activity. Most physical therapists may suggest ice or heat treatments to minimize the swelling and for faster healing of the scar tissue. This can be included throughout the rehabilitation. You may also be asked to support your foot at home and again apply ice or heat that will help the healing process.

Tip #2: Massage Foot

Have your foot massage at the injury area for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day. As mentioned by Marjorie Brook who is a New York based licensed massage therapist, massage help increase circulation to scar tissue. It also helps rebuild and distribute collagen fibers which can help lessen scarring and at the same time speed healing.

Tip #3: Stretch Both Ankles and Foot

Stretching your ankles and foot at least 2 – 3 times a day can increase flexibility. Once a scar tissue is formed, it limits your foot natural movement since your muscles become stiff. This is anyway a part of the healing process. Stretching your foot muscles can warm the affected area and can also prevent the occurrence of stiffness.

Tip #4: Rotate Joints

Rotate each joint of your foot each day to increase range of motion. The range of motion can help in restoring full movement and healing potential of the scar tissue. Rolling your ankle or flexing your foot several times a day can increase the natural movement and improve blood circulation to the scar tissue.

Tip #5: Exercise

Some may not believe this tip but it will work. In fact, you may also increase your exercise routines gradually because instant returning to your everyday routine can worsen scar tissue and may cause further injury. You may start exercising just a few minutes a day then add one or two minutes gradually to your exercise  from time to time. Doing this way will allow your scar tissue to heal and your muscle strength may return to normal naturally.

Above all the tips provided above, scar tissue removal on the foot also needs one essential thing for you to remember. You have to follow your doctor’s advice and take all medications as prescribed by him. Medication is an integral part of the rehabilitation. When you heed what your doctor tells you to do, there’s no reason to groan in pain during foot rehabilitation.